How the network comes together

The nbn™ network is just one part in a mixture of network services – many of which are outside of nbn’s control.

Here we look at how the network comes together, giving you a clear understanding of all the elements involved and how they can affect your internet speed and performance.

Below you’ll find a simplified version of the network – illustrating all the elements involved and providing clarity around who is responsible for what.

Who does what?

nbn is responsible for the technology connecting your premises to the nbn™ network.

Your phone and internet service providers are responsible for everything from plans and pricing to the speed and capacity you enjoy when you access an international website. It’s important you take this into account when selecting which service provider you go with.


nbn - wholesaler

Responsible for information about the nbn™ network rollout including:

  • Building the nbn™ network
  • Faults, maintenance and outages in relation to the nbn™ network
  • Wholesale speeds delivered to your premises via your retail service provider (depending on the technology)

Your phone or internet service provider

Responsible for:

  • Providing your internet and phone services
  • Installation and post connection support
  • Network capacity and the speed you experience
  • Faults, maintenance and outages in relation to the service provider’s network
  • The quality of your modem
Contact your service provider for plans, pricing and services over the nbn™ network.
Choose carefully as they’re responsible for a number of elements of the network that will affect your internet experience.

Remember, switching to the nbn™ network is not automatic. Check your address to find out if the nbn™ network is available in your area.

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