The caretaker conventions related to the upcoming Federal election apply to nbn. During the caretaker period, nbn is carrying out the current Government’s policies, subject to the caretaker conventions.

Develop and plan your projects with nbn
New developments

New developments - residential or commercial 

nbn is enabling new developments to connect to the nbn™ network to deliver the benefits of fast broadband upfront in the new build process. You can access all the resources and guidelines you need for a large development (100+ premises), medium development (less than 100 premises) or a small development (Lead-in Conduit). Our pre-qualification online tool uses the specific details of your project to determine eligibility on receiving infrastructure and ensures you follow the correct application process for your project development.

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Large developments (100+ premises)
Medium developments (less than 100 premises)
Small developments (Lead-in Conduit)
Designers and builders


Co-Development Program

Work with nbn on infrastructure projects.

nbn is interested in identifying projects that present opportunities for joint deployment of conduits and pits with other construction projects through the Co-Development program.

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Local government planning

Working with local government to prepare for the nbn™ network.

At nbn, we aim to facilitate the rollout through positive engagement with local communities and believe this approach is vital to the success of delivering access to high speed broadband to homes and businesses throughout Australia.

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Check the nbn™ network rollout map

As a part of our ongoing commitment to keep everyone well informed, we provide regular updates on the nbn™ network via the rollout map. The map is updated regularly as part of the ongoing process to provide information as and when it becomes available.