The NBN in your home

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s new network for fixed line phone and internet services. Our aim is to give you access to fast, reliable and affordable services from a range of providers. Due to the nature and size of our country we plan to use a mix of technologies to deliver the NBN, using the best fit solution for each area. It’s important to check your address to find out about the rollout in your area, as the steps to prepare for installation differ for each location.

Connect to a better future

The NBN is essential for Australia’s digital evolution and is designed to provide access to a minimum level of broadband services across the nation.  It presents opportunity in education, business, entertainment, health care and sociability giving everyone the potential to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for decades to come.  Here are a few of the many benefits of fast broadband you could enjoy:

Work, life balanceworking from home becomes a real option for many, when you can experience a fast and reliable internet connection in much the same way as you do in the office. 

Connecting with those that matter – whether for pleasure or business, smoother video conferencing via fast broadband makes face to face contact with loved ones or work colleagues an easy, enjoyable experience.

Better for busy households – everyone at home can be online at the same time, on multiple devices and all enjoying the same high speed. Day-to-day chores like online shopping and banking become more efficient over a fast connection.

Entertainment for everyone – video streaming, entertainment on demand, online games, music and photos, access to international TV, news and sport, you can enjoy the entertainment of your choice on every connected device in your home.

A brighter future – the NBN provides the potential to change the way we learn, improving the education landscape for Australia by extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom.  It’s expected to provide future generations with the skills to flourish in the digital world.

Healthier options – e-health and telehealth can thrive with the input of fast broadband. Quick transfer of medical images and documents, video consultations, secure sharing of records, payments and systems, the benefits are for all and go beyond addressing the medical gap between urban and regional areas. 

Steps to connect

Check if the NBN is available at your home or business
Find out what you need to do to get ready for the NBN
Contact an NBN service provider that suits your needs

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