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Your nbn® New Developments application

Before you start, take time to prepare your application. This will help us accurately assess your development plans.

I'm ready to apply, what's next?

You can now submit your nbn New Developments application. We will then assess and confirm the eligibility of delivering nbn® broadband access network infrastructure to your new development.

Multi-stage developments

For developments that will be completed over multiple stages, after completing an nbn New Developments application for your first stage, you can submit additional stage applications relating to your eligible development through the nbn® New Developments portal.

Step one

Development application

Start by submitting an nbn New Developments application to have your development assessed.

Step 2

Stage applications

Register and log in to the nbn New Developments portal. This is where you can apply for any additional stages of an eligible development.

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Work with an nbn® trained New Developments supplier

We encourage developers (big and small) to seek the assistance and support of an industry professional or an nbn trained New Developments supplier - designer or installer. As it’s your responsibility to ensure the design and build of the nbn® infrastructure within your property boundary meets our standards, the assistance of an expert can be extremely helpful.