The global supply shortage impacting nbn HFC connections

We have been communicating with phone and internet providers in recent times on an emerging issue relating to the supply of core components for our nbn™ connection boxes that are used to connect premises to the nbn™ HFC network.

This situation led to nbn making the temporary decision to not take any new orders from phone and internet providers for HFC customers, with some limited exceptions.  However, based on our discussions with our equipment supplier, and based on current forecasts, we expect to be in a position to recommence taking new connection orders for HFC customers via providers towards the end of May or early June 2021. 

Please keep in mind that our recommencement plan is contingent on deliveries of stock and other factors out of our control and at this point it is possible that not all HFC customers will be able to order a service straight away. The situation could quickly change, and we may need to delay or change the recommencement plan. We will communicate any changes as soon as they are known.

We apologise to new customers that have been affected by this global supply chain issue and the anticipated delays. We are currently working closely with all providers to help fulfil any in-flight orders. As we work at connecting these premises, please keep in mind there may be delays in the installation of your service. 

We do not anticipate that this situation will any of the 1.9 million HFC premises that are already connected to the nbn™ network. We would also like to reassure these existing customers that we are able to repair and replace equipment in in your home or place of business, if required.

This decision will not affect other customers connected to the nbn™ network by other nbn™ access technologies. We appreciate that for those customers yet to connect to the nbn™ HFC network, this is frustrating.

If you haven’t been connected to the nbn™ network yet, and your premises is served by nbn’s HFC technology, you can learn more about how this situation will affect your premises by checking your address. We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We assure you that we are doing everything we can to work with suppliers to expedite the delivery of stock and return to business as usual as quickly as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be impacted if I have a confirmed future appointment to get connected to the nbn™ HFC network?

At this stage we are intending to honour all orders currently in the system, and we are currently working with providers to manage and progress these installations. Please keep in mind there may be delays in the connection of your service. If you have any queries about your in-flight HFC order or your scheduled appointment, please contact your chosen provider.

2. I’m about to move into a new property that is already on the nbn™ HFC network – will I be able to connect?

Our current intention is to continue enabling orders to be placed for premises that will be reconnecting to the nbn™ HFC network (i.e. if the previous occupier of the premises had been connected to the nbn™ network before moving). However, if your premises is connecting to the nbn™ network for the first time and we don’t have an order in our system prior to 2 February 2021, the order will not be able to be placed. 

For more details on whether your premises will be impacted, you can check your address.

3. Will this issue impact all providers?

Subject to the below, all new HFC orders (independent of your chosen provider) will be impacted by this issue.

4. What are the exceptions where HFC orders will be enabled?

Our intention is to continue to enable HFC orders for customers in certain scenarios including the following:

  • Medically vulnerable people and medical support businesses (medical practices/hospitals) that have had their copper-based legacy services disconnected.
  • Emergency services that have had their copper-based legacy services disconnected.
  • Essential services (pharmacies/supermarkets) in disaster situations that have had their copper-based legacy services disconnected.
  • Premises that have had their copper-based legacy services disconnected and the disconnection date has passed*.
  • If you’re moving into a premises that has already been connected to the nbn™ HFC network, and you require a service transfer, reconnection or a self-installation kit.
*Please contact your chosen provider for further assistance if this applies to you.

5. I’m currently connected to the nbn™ HFC network, will this situation affect me?

If you are currently connected to the nbn HFC network and have no intention to move or leave your current premises, we do not anticipate that this situation affect you.

6. I’m currently connected to the nbn™ HFC network but I’ve had a problem with my service, am I affected?

We will continue to service customers that require a replacement nbn™ HFC connection box. Please contact your chosen provider to lodge a fault.

7. I’m about to move from one HFC location to another, if I take my nbn™ connection box with me can I avoid these delays?

No. They are the property of nbn, and each nbn™ connection box is provisioned only for the premises where it is installed. If you take this with you to a new location it will not work. Please leave the nbn™ connection box when you move. For more information on what to do with your nbn™ service when you move house, please visit our moving home page.

8. Is it safe to purchase or receive an nbn™ connection box from a source other than nbn?

No. nbn does not sell or authorise the resale of any equipment via alternative means. If you were to purchase an nbn™ connection box through an alternative means, please be aware that it is only provisioned to work in the premises where it was initially installed. If you try to install it in a new location, it will not work.

Any nbn™ equipment purchased online through any other vendor may be faulty and fail to work when connected to the nbn™ network. nbn™ equipment is only available directly via nbn, our associated delivery partners or through a phone and internet provider.