Complex nbn™ HFC installations in Multi Dwelling Units

Further work may be required to connect some premises

We have found some premises located in Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) with nbn™ HFC network infrastructure that may require further complex work before they can be connected to the nbn™ network.

To help speed up the process for these premises, nbn has established a proactive program to identify locations where further work is required due to the nbn™ HFC network infrastructure being either incomplete or unsuitable.

Key information

  • nbn is proactively working with phone and internet providers to identify premises that require additional remediation work.
  • When identified, nbn will scope, design and install new network infrastructure to help ensure the remaining locations in the MDU are connected to the nbn™ network.
  • nbn will need to remediate issues in your building first before all residents can connect. This means that your connection will be delayed until works for your building are complete.
  • Switching to another provider will not assist with a faster connection as nbn needs to complete the remediation work first.
  • nbn requires access to your building from the body corporate. If our technicians face difficulty gaining access, this may delay the remediation works further.
  • nbn doesn’t anticipate that there will be downtime in your current connection while any remediation work occurs. There may be some downtime while switching to your nbn™ service.

If you require further assistance

If you have been informed that your building requires remediation works and you are a medically vulnerable customer, please ask your provider to notify nbn.

Because the work needs to be completed by nbn, contacting your current provider regularly for an update on your progress won’t speed up the process. Going to an alternative provider won’t help either unfortunately. Once the work is done on our side, we will advise your body corporate. Your provider may also be in contact to let you know that the remediation works are complete.