Why is my internet running slowly?

If you are experiencing performance or speed issues on your nbn™ service, consider the following:

Networking equipment

Check the quality of your networking equipment (modems and routers). A better modem/router could improve your experience.

Your wi-fi modem and interference

The wi-fi unit provided by your service provider will have an effect on the amount of devices that you can connect simultaneously online. It will also have an influence on how far the signal strength extends throughout your premises. Check with your service provider if the wi-fi unit they have provided is meeting your performance expectations.
Other electronics can also impact your wi-fi connection. Mobile phones, microwaves and TVs rely on radio signals, so having your router placed as far away from these devices as possible can help.

The amount of devices online at the same time

If you have many users and many devices and you do things like stream video on a regular basis, you should discuss higher speed plan options with your service provider to ensure the best experience.

Network congestion

The way a service provider configures and shapes their network can have an effect on how you experience the internet - particularly during peak usage times. Understanding how different service providers approach congestion during peak usage times should help you to choose what’s right for you.

Next steps

If you are still experiencing issues with your nbn™ service, please contact your service provider for further assistance.