Why is my phone not working?

If your phone line has no dial tone

If your phone is still connected to your phone line, it may need to be moved to your modem as your service may have been switched over to a data voice service (VOIP).

Look for a standard phone socket on the back of your modem (it may be labelled ‘phone’/ ‘VOIP’/’ handset’), try plugging your phone in here and see if that resolves the issue.

Possibly try a different handset and phone cord just in case one of these may be faulty.

If your phone line is now noisy

If your phone is still plugged into your socket on the wall, you may need to install an “In line VDSL2 filter” that may have been supplied from your provider with your nbn compatible modem.

Try installing the filter between the phone and the wall socket and see if that reduces the noise. If your phone is still not working, call your service provider for further help.

Next steps

If you are still experiencing issues with your nbn™ service, please contact your service provider for further assistance.