What do I need to do to prepare for a fixed wireless installation?

The equipment being installed at your property will include both an nbn™ Connection box (internal) and an outdoor nbn™ Antenna (attached to your roof or an external wall facing the direction of the nbn™ Tower).

Before the installation, you’ll need to consider a couple of possible options where you want the nbn™ Connection box (also referred to as a wireless network termination device indoor unit or W-NTD indoor unit) and an outdoor nbn™ Antenna (also referred to as a wireless network termination device outdoor unit or W-NTD outdoor unit) to be installed. Diagram here

The nbn™ Connection box should ideally be installed:

  • Near an accessible power point
  • In a cool dry, ventilated area (e.g. not a cupboard or in a bathroom or kitchen). 
  • Away from busy areas where it may be knocked and damaged. 
  • Near your existing phone or network cabling.

You’ll also need to consider how you want to connect your devices inside your home such as computers, routers or modems, smartphones, tablets, landline phones and internet TV boxes.

The nbn™ Connection box features a number of bright flashing lights. Installation in areas such as bedrooms or near a TV screen is not recommended as the lights can be distracting.

The outdoor nbn™ Antenna should ideally be installed on your roof or an external wall, at a point where there is minimal obstruction between the antenna and the nbn™ Tower. Keep in mind that things like trees and hills can block the signal.

The certified nbn™ Technician will be able to tell you whether the locations you have selected are suitable or not.