How does the Technology Choice Program charging and build processes work with respect to phone or internet service providers?

When phone or internet service providers, Retail Service Provider (RSP), applies for an Individual Premises Switch on behalf of a property owner,  nbn will consider the RSP as the ordering party, and will contract with and charge the RSP for the Build Quote Fee and, where the quote is accepted, the build cost.

As between  nbn and the RSP, the RSP will be liable to  nbn for the full build cost amount once the relevant Build Quote has been accepted.

Upon accepting a build quote, RSPs will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit within 30 days of the RSP receiving  nbn’s invoice. Thereafter, the RSP will be invoiced for the balance of the build cost. The RSP must ensure that the full amount specified in each invoice issued by  nbn is paid to nbn by the due date.

RSPs will be responsible for obtaining any access to the relevant property and common property required for  nbn to complete any work in connection with the Individual Premises Switch. If the RSP does not ensure that  nbn can access the relevant property,  nbn may not be able to complete the build, and this may result in  nbn terminating the Technology Choice Program Agreement.

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