What is the process for applying for an nbn™ Individual Premises Switch?

Individual Premises Switch refers to the option to switch eligible individual premises to an alternative nbn™ broadband access network technology. All premises submitting an application must be connected to the nbn™ access network. This is because nbn wants to ensure that you have an opportunity to experience your planned or current nbn™ access network technology before you decide to switch. 

It’s important to find out whether you actually need a different nbn™ access network technology at your premises. The reality is, you may just need to speak to your phone and internet service provider (RSP) about a higher speed or different equipment at your home or business to transform your online experience into something spectacular.

To save time and money, check with your phone or internet service provider whether you are on the right plan with the right speed.

If you still wish to apply, once an application is submitted,  nbn will confirm the eligibility of the premises as well as issue you with a Build Quote Fee.

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For applications by phone or internet service providers

nbn will inform the phone or internet service provider, Retail Service Provider (RSP), of build progress through the Individual Premises Switch nbn representative.

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