March 2017 New developments industry newsletter

Message from the GM of Build Partnerships

2017 is now well underway and it’s a great time to get in touch with all of our industry partners to provide you with an update on how nbn is progressing in connecting new developments.

In February nbn reached a new milestone, with over four million premises across the country now able to order a service over the nbn™ network through their Retail Service Provider. This is more than one third of the country!

We are now adding more than 60,000 new premises to the footprint in a single week and activating more than 3,600 new homes every day. This means that close to 620 premises are being connected to the nbn™ network every working hour!

More broadly, we have been working on a number of improvements to ensure that our strong partnership with the property sector continues. This includes working to provide more guidance on how best to connect essential services, as well as supporting key industry events. 

Beyond our day to day construction activities, nbn has also been busy leading the charge on digital research. A new report, developed in partnership with Western Sydney University, has revealed that Australia is set to become the most connected continent on the planet. The gen nbn™: 2020 and beyond report predicts that ‘gen nbn™’, Australia’s newest and most connected generation, will benefit from new business opportunities and flexible-working arrangements, as well as access to leading education and healthcare services.

To further explore the theme of innovation and how technology will transform the way we build our cities of the future, nbn is proud to be the Principal Partner for the 2017 UDIA National Congress, which will be held in Perth on April 4-6th. You can also catch nbn at a range of industry events around Australia in 2017, with dates included below.

The importance of ensuring your new development is nbn™ ready has never been more important. We are in the midst of witnessing technological advances at extreme pace, and it is having a profound impact on our lives and how we build and plan cities.

As one of the largest providers of telecommunications in Australia, nbn continues to provide a fast and reliable network, maintained throughout the life of the development. I urge all developers considering which telecommunications provider is the most suitable for your new development, to please ensure you understand what is being delivered and what the long-term impacts may be from selecting an alternative to nbn.

As always, nbn is available to assess any new developments, but you need to apply early in the build process.

Important information about fire alarms and lift phones

Monitored fire alarms and lift phones are safety-critical services and there are serious public safety, personal injury and property damage risks if they fail to operate in an emergency situation.

nbn operates a mix of network access technologies, each with different power requirements. As with any telecommunications service, service continuity cannot be guaranteed at all times.

While there are some limited circumstances in which nbn services may not work, the amount of time a service will continue during a power failure will be dependent on the presence of battery backup in a premises and the availability of the nbn™ network itself during a power outage.

The Department of Communications, in conjunction with the Fire Protection Association Australia and the Australian Elevator Association, have released a ‘Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide’, which outlines a number of solutions to ensure fire alarm and lift phone services continue to operate during a power failure.

This guide recommends that regardless of the nbn™ technology being deployed to your new development, a 3G or 4G cellular connection is installed for your lift phone and fire panel service.

To do this, contact an Equipment Provider to purchase and install the 3G or 4G hardware and then contact a Retail Service Provider to arrange a connection.

For further details on the 3G/4G solution and available providers visit

For those with existing fire and lift phone services, register your service (including the Full National Number (FNN)) for migration at or call 1800 687 626.

Australia set to be the most connected continent on the planet

gen nbn™: new report reveals how fast broadband will revolutionise life beyond 2020

Australia is set to be the world’s most connected continent following the completion of the nbn™ network rollout in 2020, according to new research.

Commissioned by nbn and developed by Western Sydney University, the gen nbn™: 2020 and beyond report provides an in-depth analysis into how advancements in technology and nationwide access to fast broadband will transform many aspects of the Australian way of life.

It predicts ‘gen nbn™’, Australia’s newest and most connected generation, will benefit from new business opportunities and flexible-working arrangements, as well as access to leading education and healthcare services.

Bill Morrow, CEO of nbn said:

“Our vision is to build a world-class broadband network that ensures greater connectivity for all Australians.

“By 2020, every home and business will have access to the nbn™ network, creating a new way of living as the nation begins to benefit from ubiquitous access to fast broadband. Greater connectivity creates greater digital demand, and once we have the infrastructure in place to meet this demand we will see significant economic and social impacts across the country.”

Read full report here

Join us at the UDIA National Congress 2017

nbn is proud to be the Principal Partner of the 25th UDIA National Congress 2017, which will be held 4-6th of April in Perth, Western Australia.

The 2017 National Congress is dedicated to ‘Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality’ – a thought-provoking exploration of how technology, transportation, urban infrastructure and social trends will transform the way we live in the future.

The Congress will focus on new sciences, advances in disruptive technologies and innovation in planning and design to meet the needs of the next generation. It will shine a spotlight on the attitudes and values of our future innovators, leaders and homebuyers as we look to harness the latest innovations to help improve the way we create Australia’s cities of the future.

As our communities become more connected than ever, and with the rollout of the nbn™ network accelerating, we are in the midst of witnessing technological advances at extreme pace and exploring how fast broadband will impact the way people will live and work in the future, and therefore how we will plan and build our communities.

It’s hard to imagine that there are new communities and renewal projects in the future pipeline that we haven’t even thought of yet that will cater for a new generation – the gen nbn™.

Join us in exploring the theme of innovation and the endless possibilities future technologies will bring to our cities of the future at the UDIA National Congress 2017.

Things to consider when selecting a telecommunications provider

Since the release of the Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments Policy in 2015, new fibre and wi-fi operators have been entering the market and more are expected to follow. If you decide to select an alternative provider to deliver your telecommunications network, it’s important to know that you won’t be on the nbn™ network.

Here are three key questions you should consider when selecting a telecommunications provider:

What Retail Service Providers will my homebuyers (and my sales office) be able to access?

The nbn™ network is an open access network, which means you can choose from more than 100 retail service providers, including Telstra and Optus. Homebuyers will benefit from the competition that these Retail Service Providers bring and the range of products on offer. A list of these Retail Service Providers is available here.

Who will be maintaining the network and infrastructure now and into the future?

The nbn™ network is backed by the Australian Government and is here for the long term. This includes maintaining the network and upgrades as new technology emerges.

What is being installed for the price?
  • What is the solution and technology being offered? 
  • Is the network delivered into each individual premises or will there be additional cabling required?
  • Are you getting a fixed line or wireless solution? Is there a difference in terms of performance and reliability?
  • What services will be available to residents and at what price? 

nbn is available to assist developers to understand the best solution for your project needs and to ensure you are building for gen nbn™. 

If you have any questions please contact our Accounts team on

nbn speaking at Industry events across Australia in 2017

As part of our ongoing partnership with key industry associations, nbn will be travelling the country throughout 2017 to present at a number of trade events. Our goal is to ensure developers and builders, large and small, all have the information they need to become nbn™ ready.

With increasing demand for home automation, it’s important for builders and cablers to become familiar with new technologies and their different installation requirements for the nbn™ network. This is not only to stay up to date with industry, but to avoid delays or additional fees that can sometimes occur when installation isn’t done right the first time.

Learn more about how you can make the most of the nbn rollout, including building and cabling for the new nbn™ Multi-Technology Mix and the importance of planning early.

Whilst some of the events are restricted to members only, many are open to anyone to attend. Upcoming events you can meet nbn include:

Middy's info nights

All Middy’s Info nights commence at 5pm and are open to the electrical industry. RSVP’s essential via Middy’s website.

BICSI seminars

For BICSI members. Contact BICSI to RSVP.

  • Melbourne, VIC: Master Builders Association Simulation Centre, 49 Brady Rd, South Melbourne @ 8am – 20 April 2017 
  • Sydney, NSW: Venue TBC @ 8am – 1 June 2017 
  • Brisbane, QLD: Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane @ 8am – 8 June 2017 
  • Perth, WA: Venue TBC @ 8am – 29 June 2017 
  • Adelaide, SA: Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, Adelaide @ 8am – 6 July 2017 
  • BICSI National Conference, Melbourne, VIC: MCG, Melbourne, 26-27 September 2017
Housing Industry Association (HIA) building and business workshops

For HIA members. Contact HIA to RSVP.

  • Melbourne, VIC: Crowne Plaza Melbourne - 1 - 5 Spencer Street, Melbourne @ 8am – 21 April 2017
  • Mid West, WA: Venue TBC @ 5pm, 3 May 2017
  • Perth, WA: HIA Office, Osborne Park @ time TBC, 9 May 2017
  • Mornington, VIC: Mornington Golf Club - Tallis Drive, Mornington @ 5.30pm – 10 May 2017
  • South West WA: Venue/Time TBC - 11 May 2017
  • Taylors Lakes, VIC: Taylors Lakes Hotel - 7 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes @ 5.30pm – 7 June 2017
  • Gold Coast, QLD: Venue/Time TBC – 8 June 2017
  • Ballarat, VIC: Ballarat Golf Club - 1800 Sturt Street, Ballarat @ 5.30pm – 14 June 2017
  • South West, WA (session 2): Venue/Time TBC – 11 October 2017
Urban Development Institute Of Australia (UDIA)

Book your Congress tickets through UDIA.

The above dates and times are subject to vary, so please confirm details with the event organiser at the time of booking or reserving your seat.

If you have any industry events coming up and you would like a nbn representative to speak, please contact us at: