Mar 2012 New developments industry newsletter

Disclaimer: The information on this page may no longer be current and is provided for educational and historical purposes. You should not rely solely on this information. 

Visit NBN Demo Centres

In November 2011 NBN Co launched two demonstration centres - the mobile Discovery Truck, which is travelling around Australia, and the 'Discovery Centre', located in Melbourne.

When visiting either the NBN Discovery Centre or Truck you will be able to touch and feel the NBN equipment that will be installed in new homes and experience some of the applications in education, business, entertainment and in-home health that are expected to be made available over the NBN.

The demonstration team will also take you through the latest rollout information and steps and processes to connect your estates and new homeowners to the NBN.

The Discovery Truck will be travelling throughout Victoria for the next two month, visiting 28 locations and then going to NSW, ACT, QLD, NT, SA and WA. We welcome all developers, builders and new residents to book in for a free 20 minute information session online. Book now.

Preparing for the NBN

The "Preparing for the NBN" booklet is now available to download from our website. This end-user guide is designed to provide your customers with the important information they need, and includes service ordering, the installation process and where the in-premises equipment may be installed.

We recognise sending the booklet is an opportunity for you to reinforce your relationship with your customers, so you may select from the following three options when creating your version of the booklet:

Option 1 Send the NBN Co version of "Preparing for the NBN", with no changes or additions.
Option 2 Send a co-branded Preparing for the NBN booklet.
Option 3 Use the content from the NBN Co Preparing for the NBN booklet to create your own version (in accordance with our terms of use).

Please feel free to contact your account manager for additional information including our terms of use to assist you in determining which option is best for you.

Download the Preparing for the NBN booklet (PDF - 2.65 MB).

Sales office display boards

What will the NBN look like in my new home?

We understand that your customers may be asking this question. Therefore, we have put together 'Display Boards' for your sales offices to provide your customer with a visual display of what the NBN Equipment will look like. The display should assist them in deciding where they want the NBN equipment installed in their new home and support sales discussions around home cabling and smart wiring.

These display boards will include hardware samples of the Network Termination Device (NTD), Power Supply Unit (PSU) and Fibre Wall Outlet (FWO), with a brief description on each piece of equipment. Included is aperspex brochure holder for you to place our 'Preparing for the NBN' brochure or any other NBN material Account Managers will be organising the delivery of your display boards over the coming weeks.

Connecting homes to the NBN - equipment installation

For a smooth and efficient connection to high-speed broadband for your customers, builders can now request pre installation of the in-home equipment supporting NBN access. The process is intended to accommodate completion of home construction independently of the build of network elements external to the block. The approach minimises disruption to residents moving into these homes, and simplifies Developer project and site management activities.

At lock up stage, provided the conduit path has been completed, all homes should be booked in with NBNCo for in-home equipment installation. Equipment installation should occur at least 10 days prior to occupation so that once residents have moved in they can contact their preferred RSP to get connected to the NBN. (The NTD pre-install process is only available at Developments where NBN Co. has been engaged to supply fibre).

All you need to do is call 1800 OUR NBN (1800 687 626) to request a 'NTD Pre-Install' and make an appointment. Please ensure you have the following ready when you call:

  • Development Name
  • Premises Address/Location
  • Does the premises have power available? If not, what is the expected power connection date
  • Number of Premises
  • Preferred Date for the Pre-Install to occur

Once your request has been made, you will receive a call back to confirm your booking date and time.

Changes to installation requirements

Version 5 of the Installation Guide (NBN Co Preparation and Installation Guide for SDUs and MDUs) has recently been released.

Changes to the document reflect feedback from builders from across Australia and associations undertaking home construction activity within NBN Ready Estates and include:

  • Reduction in conduit requirements to facilitate installation in external cavity walls
  • Specification of separations from other services
  • Greater flexibility in the placement of internal equipment

We thank the HIA for their constructive input to this document.

Download the NBN Co Preparation and Installation Guide for SDUs and MDUs (PDF - 770 KB).

View NBN Co's Key Information for Builders and Cablers factsheet (PDF - 450 KB)

Interactive rollout map

NBN Co has released a new tool on our website for displaying the rollout information using an interactive map. This interactive map aims to make it easier for Developers and the general public to find out when the NBN is scheduled to come to their area. You can search for your address, suburb or postcode to view the status of the NBN rollout in your searched location.

Our map displays the different stages of construction on the NBN

  • towns that have NBN services available
  • suburbs where construction has already commenced (for fibre and wireless), and
  • areas in Australia where the NBN will commence construction within one year (for fibre)

It will also identify the NBN Ready Estates where either NBN services are available or construction has commenced.

The map will be updated on the 10th working day of each month to reflect our rollout plans.