July 2017 New developments industry newsletter

Message from the GM of Build Partnerships

With FY18 now well underway I would like provide industry with an update of nbn’s progress with connecting new developments and to wish you the very best for this financial year.

As we reached the halfway mark of 2017, nbn also reached a special halfway milestone – one in two Australian’s are now able to connect to the nbn™ network! This means more than 5.7 million homes and businesses are now able to order a service from their chosen Retail Service Provider.

As of July, 80 per cent of the nation is either in design, construction or already eligible for an nbn™ service, and as rollout of the network ramps-up in capital cities, we are now adding approximately 100,000 new properties to our footprint each week!

A key focus for the New Developments team has been improving the way we support all of our large and small developers, with many key initiatives well underway. To improve efficiency of the council application process for our developer partners, we have been engaging with councils across Australia to raise awareness of the various documents nbn provides to developers to verify that a development is nbn™ ready. You can read more about this below.

As we’ve passed June 30, we are also encouraging all developers to review their Certificate of Currency to ensure it’s up-to-date. It is a requirement that all developers provide their Certificate of Currency to nbn for insurance purposes, prior to commencing any pit and pipe and/or pathway installation (Works), as a condition of nbn granting Practical Completion.

nbn has recently launched a new information campaign to help Australians receive the best customer experience possible. Aimed at reducing confusion regarding the different roles nbn and retail service providers play in building and delivering broadband services, as well as explaining how to make informed choices about plans based on nbn™ wholesale speed tiers, nbn 101 will ensure customers get the most out of their nbn internet connection.

With only two and a half years until 2020, when the average household is expected to have over 29 connected devices, we are seeing a rise in the number of smart apartments, attracting increasing numbers of owner-occupiers, tenants and investors (read more below). The topic of Australian Smart Communities was also a key focus at the recent UDIA SA State Conference, held on July 13 and sponsored by nbn.

As always, thank you for the role you play in helping us roll out the nbn™ network in new developments. On behalf of the nbn team, we look forward to working with you throughout the remainder of 2017.

Naomi Read

Acting General Manager

Build Partnerships

New documentation to support council applications

Under the Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments Policy, developers are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure in their developments. Many councils require developers to supply documentation from nbn to verify that the developer’s activities have been completed in line with Policy requirements as part of their development approval process.

nbn will only issue this documentation once a developer has either entered into a contract or paid in full to have telecommunications delivered to their project. These documents include:

For Small Developments:

  • At the permit approval process – nbn will provide developers with a “Provisioning of Telecommunications Services – Confirmation of Final Payment” letter. This letter is proof that a developer has contracted and paid nbn to deliver the nbn™ network.

For Medium - Large Developments:

  • At the permit approval process – nbn will provide developers with a confirmation email and copy of their contract as evidence they have entered into an agreement with a Telecommunications provider.
  • At the titles / completion stage - nbn will provide developers with a “Certificate of Practical Completion of Developer’s Activities” letter. This certifies the developer has completed any required works under their Agreement to ensure that nbn can deliver the nbn™ network.

Should you have any questions about the above documentation, please contact nbn on 1800 687 626 or email us at newdevelopments@nbnco.com.au.

Update your Certificate of Currency

It is a requirement that all developers provide their Certificate of Currency to nbn for insurance purposes, prior to commencing any pit and pipe and/or pathway installation (Works), as a condition of nbn providing your Practical Completion Certificate of Developers Activities.

It has recently been identified that a number of the Certificates of Currency held in our database expired on 30 June 2017, and we therefore encourage all our developer partners to conduct a review and provide us with any updated Certificates of Currency before July 31st 2017, or prior to submission of your next Stage Application to avoid any possible delays.

Certificates of Currency relate to the following insurances:

  • Public Liability for construction works; 
  • Professional Indemnity for design works; and 
  • Workers Compensation (for construction works).

Where the design or construction of the Works is being carried out by a third party (such as a design or construction contractor), nbn will accept Certificates of Currency from your design or construction contractor instead.

Please forward any updated Certificates of Currency to nbn via developerliaison@nbnco.com.au.

nbn 101 – nbn ramps up information campaign to improve customer experience

nbn is working with Retail Service Providers to better inform Australians about how to get the most out of their internet connection.

nbn has launched new information on its website to provide information on the steps to connect to the nbn™ network based on the technology being installed at a home or business, as well as the factors which can influence internet speeds once connected.

Aimed at reducing confusion regarding the different roles nbn and the retailers play in building and delivering broadband services, the website updates are designed to help Australians make informed choices and take appropriate steps to receive the best customer experience possible.
nbn will also continue to run a national advertising campaign which explains how to make informed choices about plans based on nbn™ wholesale speed tiers when ordering services from retailers.

New residents or business owners can learn more about how to get the best experience out of their internet connection by visiting the nbn™ website. To download simple steps on how to connect to the nbn™ network in a new development (for MDU, SDU or Commercial Premises) see our nbn™ connect kits.

New contractors for pre-installation of nbn™ equipment

Builders, developers and authorised representatives can request a pre-installation of nbn™ in-home equipment to provide new residents with a faster and more efficient connection to the nbn™ network.

Standard pre-installs are free and work is carried out by a certified nbn communications technician. Under new contract arrangements, this service is now provided by our pre-install contractors Service Stream Limited, Telstra and BSA Limited.

We encourage builders to work with these contractors to complete your pre-installation, ideally between the premises ‘lock up’ stage of construction and prior to ‘handover’ stage, when construction is complete.

For more information visit: nbn.com.au/preinstallrequest or view the FAQs here.

What savvy property developers are installing in all their projects

Smart apartments that give residents access to increased internet connectivity and unparalleled power over the way their new home functions are attracting increasing numbers of owner-occupiers, tenants and investors.

You won’t have to look far across your home now to find other devices that are connected to the internet. Obvious examples may include your TV, stereo system, security camera and video game console. But now that’s expanded into lightbulbs, fridges, coffee machines, air conditioners and is set to grow even more.

Property industry analysts call it “future proofing”, and developers are being advised to have the infrastructure necessary to provide access to fast broadband networks, such as the nbn™ network, in their projects included at the design stage to avoid expensive delays and retro-fits.

General Manager of Build Partnerships at nbn, Julian Nachmias, says “connected houses are transforming the property market and the desire for smart homes is increasing. The change is even more apparent with apartments, as residents can also control access to communal services and amenities with their smart phones.”

The drive to deliver high-tech apartments in Australia is backed by research such as a recent US property industry survey that found 72 per cent of potential buyers aged under 34 years would be willing to pay for smart technology, and that 44 per cent of millennials would rather have an apartment with smart technology than one with a parking space.

Nachmias says access to services over the nbn™ network can add value and desirability to apartment projects and advises developers to apply three months before any civil works start to ensure nbn™ network access is connected by lock-up stage.

“We want to make sure all new developments can make the most of the nbn™ network – but they do need to apply,” he says. “We will then coordinate the installation ready for residents when they move in, and developers can also arrange for the pre-installation of any equipment so residents can order a service from their preferred retail service provider straight away.”

Read the full article here

nbn sponsors UDIA SA State Conference

nbn was proud to be the Major Sponsor of the UDIA South Australian State Conference, which was held on July 13th in the Barossa Valley.

A sold out event attended by representatives from across the South Australian development industry, as well as by senior government officials, this year’s State Conference focused on the theme of urban futures – with planning for a future of increased connectivity a key focus.

Jill Bottrall, from nbn State Corporate Affairs, who presented on the topic of Australian Smart Communities, said “Increased connectivity and digital innovation is rapidly penetrating many facets of everyday life. By the year 2020, a huge number of every day appliances will have been replaced with ‘smart’ versions and this will impact how you build and set up new homes.”

“Adelaide and many parts of South Australia are on the verge of a digital revolution, and nbn is part of this journey. Innovation doesn’t only demand bandwidth – it demands reliability. As developers, your decision is the first step in the journey towards innovation, the future and the ultimate experience for end users.”

“As always, nbn is available to assess any new developments, but developers are encouraged to apply early in the build stage by visiting nbn.com.au.”