Feb 2012 New developments industry newsletter

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2011 review & the year ahead!


Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of our eNewsletter.

This eNewsletter is intended to communicate information relevant to the Construction Industry about the roll-out of the National Broadband Network, and specifically any changes in requirements.

2011 was quite a success for NBN Co, with thousands of residents in new developments being among the first in Australia to benefit from the high speeds of the NBN in areas such as, health, education, business and entertainment.

We are already building fibre infrastructure in over 90 new developments spread across 65 locations nationally and comprising almost 5,000 premises. There are currently live developments in New South Wales, where NBN Co has provided wholesale broadband services for several retail service providers on an open basis. For the next 12 months alone, NBN Co has approved applications with developers to build fibre in approximately 500 separate towns and suburbs nationally, comprising over 67,000 premises.

We always endeavour to deliver the NBN to premises to schedule. However, this may not always be feasible due to a number of latent factors that may cause a delay. NBN Co has you and your customers in its best interest and to this end we have developed a process for the early installation of in-home equipment outlined below.

Over the past months, we have conducted a number of inspections of premises where the NBN has been rolled out. The audits identified that there are a significant amount of premises that had been prepared incorrectly requiring additional work and cost. Moving forward in 2012, we have prepared a 'Preparation and Installation Guide' to clarify requirements to help avoid delays and unnecessary additional costs to builders and residents. A 2 page flyer outlining the key requirements is available for you to pass on to contractors engaged on your development.

We wish everyone the very best for 2012 and look forward to working with you all for an even bigger year ahead.

Remember, further information is available on our new developments page, including details of our fibre roll-out program.

Archie Wilson
Head of Rollout Engagement


Receive fibre from NBN Co

Newly approved developments across Australia will be among some of the first to connect to the National Broadband Network. All new developments of 100 premises or more, released over a three year period, which received stage 5 approval (relating to civil works) after 1st January 2011 and are within the NBN fibre footprint, will be eligible to receive fibre infrastructure from NBN Co.

To receive NBN Co fibre infrastructure, developers need to complete the following steps:

  • Register all requests for NBN Co fibre infrastructure via NBN Co's online application form
  • Sign and return the Developer Agreement (NBN Co cannot reticulate fibre into new developments without a Developer Agreement in place)
  • Developers need to give NBN Co a minimum of three months notice prior to the commencement of construction/civil works to ensure NBN Co has adequate time to plan the installation of fibre.

For more information or to submit an online application see our new developments page.

NBN ready estate logo

NBN Co is happy to announce the availability of the NBN Ready logo. This logo has been approved to be used by developers, subject to the NBN Brand Approved Use Terms and Conditions, and may be used for the following:

  1. Website advertising, promoting approved products and/or approved services - website advertising will need to be linked back to our new consumer page
  2. Displaying the NBN Ready logo in your sales offices
  3. Use in marketing material, such as:
    • Printed, visual and/or audio visual material
    • Electronic advertising - weekly eNews or communications (including internet banner advertising)
    • Public relations material
    • Any type of advertisements regardless of media, forum or means of delivery to the public (subject to approval)
  4. On development sites (lot signs, corflute signs, window stickers etc)

Prior to the use of our logo, developers must sign and return a copy of the NBN Brand Approved Use Terms and Conditions. For more details please contact your account manager.

NTD Pre-Installs

For a smooth and efficient connection to high speed broadband for your customers, builders can now request pre-installationof the in-home equipment supporting NBN access. The process is intended to accommodate circumstances where individual homes are completed ahead of backhaul (network fibre) availability; minimising disruption to residents moving into these homes, and simplifying Developer project and site management activities.

All you need to do is call 1800 OUR NBN (1800 687 626) to request the 'Pre-Install' and make an appointment. Please ensure you have the following ready when you call:

  • Address
  • Date for pre-install
  • Date of when permanent power is in place and available

Preparing premises for the NBN

Where developers choose to engage NBN Co to install fibre in their new development, it is important that the homes while under construction are prepared in accordance with NBN Co's requirements. This will ensure that the equipment required to deliver the network can be successfully installed within a dwelling.

NBN Co has been conducting a number of home inspections of premises that had rolled out. The audits identified that there are a significant amount of premises that had been prepared incorrectly, requiring additional work and cost. NBN Co's Preparation and Installation Guide has been developed to help avoid delays and unnecessary additional costs to both builders and residents. A 2 page flyer outlining the key requirements is available for you to pass on to your contractors engaged on your Development. These documents can be found on our Technical Guidelines page.


Flood affected victims in Grantham are the first to receive the NBN in southern Queensland

When the Queensland floods devastated the Lockyer Valley in January 2011, NBN Co, along with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Lockyer Valley Council, made a commitment to help rebuild the community, by funding the development of a new housing estate in Grantham on higher ground. Over 130 homes in the Grantham Valley community of 360 residents were damaged by the floods, along with 12 lives lost.

On 10th December 2011, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Mayor Steve Jones opened the new housing estate in Grantham, built to relocate the flood affected residents. John and Kathy Mahon, who lost all their property and belongings in the flood, were the first residents to move into the estate.

As a contribution towards rebuilding Grantham, NBN Co made a promise in September last year to fast-track construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) to this area, making Grantham the first southern Queensland new development to be connected to the NBN.

"Display homes in the new Grantham estate will have live telephone and high-speed internet services delivered over the NBN fibre network. Residential houses are in the final stages of completion on-site and new residents will have access to services delivered over the NBN as soon as they move in," said Archie Wilson, Head of Rollout Engagement at NBN Co, and originally from Toowoomba.

"The switch-on of the NBN at Grantham is expected to open up significant opportunities for residents in the areas of education and business and can help engage with the wider world," added Wilson.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh commented; "Grantham is rising again, just as communities across Queensland have bounced back after the devastating disasters... the reconstruction effort in Grantham and across the state has been both humbling and inspiring."

New houses in the Grantham estate are part of more than 1.9 million new premises that are estimated to be constructed across Australia during the life of the NBN rollout, which will take around a decade to complete.