Apr 2014 New developments industry newsletter

Message from GM of Business Operations and the Year Ahead!

“It’s been over 3 years now that I have been involved in NBN Co’s roll out in new developments and it has been a challenging but exciting journey. To date we have over 30,000 residents in new estates across the country currently accessing the NBN for voice and broadband services, which is a fantastic achievement and would have not been possible without the support we have received from the development industry and in particular its ability to respond so quickly to significant changes to how telecommunications infrastructure is rolled out in new estates. With the change in government in September last year, the strategic review and also change in direction of NBN Co to look at a multi-mix technology, NBN Co still currently remains committed to delivering fibre in new estates where it is required to do so under the Fibre in New Developments Policyreleased back in June 2011. 

2014 is set to be another exciting year for NBN Co in rolling out fibre in new developments with the key focus of NBN Co being:

  • educating the development and building industry that undertake developments of less than 100 premises in areas where we are currently rolling out fibre to existing Brownfield’s premises that may be unfamiliar with the fibre in new developments policy and process to receive fibre
  • the annual review of master developer agreement and short form developer agreement on which NBN Co will receive industry feedback 
  • increasing the awareness of NBN Co’s pre-installation process for builders currently constructing within estates where NBN Co is currently rolling out fibre

Most importantly, our main focus in 2014, remains to ensure that when residents move into their new premises that an NBN service is available to be ordered without any delay. I would like to thank you for your continued support in making the NBN roll out in new developments possible and we look forward to working with you over the remainder of 2014.”

Julian Nachmias
General Manager,
Business Operations

Developer Responsibilities Reminder

As per the Fibre in New Developments Policy, developers have a number of responsibilities they need to adhere to in order to be eligible to receive NBN Co fibre infrastructure.

Developers need to provide NBN Co with at least 3 months’ notice prior to the commencement of construction/civil works on site to ensure NBN Co can deliver fibre in line with the developer’s first service connection date. 

Below is a quick reference on the steps developers need to complete in order to be eligible to receive NBN Co fibre:

  • Register your overall development and submit a fibre application for the first stage via NBN Co’s online process.
  • Submit your Master Plan for your overall development.
  • Developers need to give NBN Co at least 3 months’ notice prior to the commencement of construction/civil works to ensure NBN Co has adequate time to plan the installation of fibre.
  • Sign and return the Master Developer Agreement (MDA) or the Short Form Developer Agreement (SDA) - NBN Co cannot reticulate fibre into a new development without an agreement in place.
  • Design pit and pipe infrastructure or Pathway Designs to NBN Co specifications and standards and submit to NBN Co for review prior to starting construction/civil works -NBN Co Technical Guidelines.
  • Install pit and pipe/pathway infrastructure to NBN Co specifications and standards.
  • Transfer ownership of pit and pipe infrastructure to NBN Co.

Please refer to NBN Co’s New Developments Process for further details.

Is Your Development in an NBN Area?

We have some important information to help you set up for the NBN. The earlier you apply the better!

If you are within an active NBN Co area, you can apply for fibre irrespective of your development size. A development within a Brownfields area is considered a 'new development' when additional/new infrastructure is required in order to provide fibre (telecommunication services) to the premises being constructed.

A simple application is all it takes to get the ball rolling in delivering high speed broadband to a new home in an NBN area. Therefore, if you are building a new home please visit our website at: www.nbnco.com.au/newdevelopments and press the less than 100 premises button or click hereto find out if you or your client qualifies for high speed broadband.

Getting Homes ‘Fibre Ready’ – The Street Connection

The Federal government’s Fibre in New Developments Policy released in June 2011, and changes to the Telecommunications Act 1997, impose a range of obligations on those developers and builders covered by the Act to prepare for the installation of fibre. These include an obligation to install pit and pipe and all other necessary infrastructure such as Lead-in Conduits and pathways, in sufficient proximity to each new premises to enable fibre to be readily connected. 

Developers covered by the Act are responsible for installing pit and conduit in the street/footpath to NBN Co specifications. As part of this installation, starter pipes are installed into each lot for a distance of 1m. The builder needs to connect the conduit to the house to provide a pathway for the communications cable. This pathway is called a Lead-in Conduit (LIC) 

In order for NBN Co to install fibre to each new home/premises a LIC needs to be installed. LICs should be installed from the new home to the appropriate property boundary and connected to the developer installed starter pipe. This starter pipe should be installed 1m into the property by the developer and contain a draw string. Typically the starter pipe will be located near the elec

NTD Pre-installation Requests

To enable a smooth and efficient connection to the National Broadband Network, we encourage builders, developers and other persons in control of new development sites to request a pre-installation of the NBN in-home equipment. This approach minimises disruption to residents moving into their new homes and simplifies the developer's project and site management activities.

Pre-installation of the NBN in-home equipment should be arranged to take place at least 10 days ahead of the estimated home completion date, so that once residents have moved in all they need to do is contact their preferred Retail Service Provider (RSP) to get connected to the NBN. The pre-installation will take approximately 1 hour and there is currently no cost from NBN Co associated with this.

To arrange Pre-installation of the NBN in-home equipment, download either the Single Premise Request form or the Multi Premise Request form and submit your request via email to: newdevelopments@nbnco.com.au. To organise a Pre-Installation form to be sent to you by email, please call 1800 OUR NBN (1800 687 626). 

The following information will be required when completing the form:

  • Confirmation that you have authority of all owners and any occupiers to make this request based on the Pre-install terms and conditions
  • Premises address or addresses
  • Developer estate name and stage number
  • Confirmation that power is available
  • Date by which the premises will be at lock-up stage
  • Estimated completion or handover date
  • Confirmation that a ‘Lead-in Conduit’ has been installed in accordance with NBN Co guidelines
  • Confirmation that you have the agreement of the owners and any occupiers to waive their right to be given notice under Schedule 3 of the Telecommunications Act in relation to the pre-installation
  • Preferred installation date
  • Confirmation that estimated completion/handover to the resident will not occur until after the preferred installation date

You should receive a confirmation email and reference number from NBN Co within 5 business days from receipt of request.

All NTD pre installation requests are subject to available resourcing – please refer to the Pre-Install Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Visit - www.nbnco.com.au/newdevelopments under ‘Technical Guidelines’ to view the Pre-Install terms and conditions and more details.

Find a Service Provider Online

The ‘Find a Service Provider’ page allows end users to search for their location to see if NBN services are available at their home or business address. If the address searched is in an active NBN fibre or fixed wireless area, the end user will be given a list of all active service providers offering NBN services at that location. 

Find a service provider