Horizontal MDU pit and pipe guidelines

This simple guide will give you all the relevant information you need regarding the installation of a pit and pipe within all Horizontal Multi Dwelling Units (Horizontal MDU).

This guide should be read in conjunction with the latest release of ‘Deployment of nbn™ conduit and pit network’ document (NBN-TE-CTO-194) found on the Design guidelines page. If you have any further questions please contact your Deployment Specialist by emailing developerliaison@nbnco.com.au. nbn has prepared this document as a guideline to the installation of pit and conduit infrastructure in new developments (also known as Greenfields developments). You should also refer to all relevant legislation, including the requirements in relation to fibre-ready facilities contained in the Telecommunications Act 1997. nbn has no control over new laws. nbn cannot and does not make any promises about the contents of new laws and how they will affect you. nbn has used its best efforts to prepare this document to provide you with an indication as to how installation of pit and conduit infrastructure may occur. If new laws are passed, substantial changes may be required to the guidelines and technical details set out in the document.

nbn confidential information. This document is provided for information purposes only. The recipient must not use this document other than with the consent of nbn and must make their own inquiries as to the currency, accuracy and completeness of this document and the information contained in it. The contents of this document should not be relied upon as representing nbn’s final position on the subject matter of this document, except where stated otherwise. Any views expressed by nbn in this document may change as a consequence of nbn finalising formal technical specifications, or legislative and regulatory developments. This document is intended as an informational guide only. nbn does not warrant that the processes and information outlined in this document comply with all (or any) applicable laws. The recipient must exercise its own judgment as to how best to perform the activities described in this document in a safe way, and so as to meet the requirements of all applicable laws. This document is accurate as at 24th September 2015.