Local government planning checklist

nbn is committed to working closely with local government on the design and deployment of the nbn™ broadband access network in their area, to help ensure a lasting positive legacy for the local community.

The following checklist provides a guide for local councils as to the information nbn and its contractors or agents may need to assist in the nbn™ access network planning process.

  • Zoning and overlay maps in a GIS format are preferred.
  • Location of environmentally significant or heritage areas that may not be in the zoning and overlay maps, e.g. conservation/protected areas, national parks/nature reserves, wetlands, bushland, and significant street trees.
  • Any specific local planning controls or restrictions, policies or codes that may apply specifically to phone or internet facilities.
  • Confirmation of any local exemptions, restrictions or prohibitions for phone or internet facilities.
  • Development application requirements (if necessary), including likely timeframes, processes, etc.
  • Location of Commonwealth land, education, health or government facilities.
  • Location of major development proposals and areas (e.g. greenfield sites), major infrastructure locations or areas that require major upgrades to infrastructure.
  • Information on whether there is any opportunity for co-development and co-investment with works being performed by nbn.
  • Address details for property owners to inform them of the proposed installation of nbn™ equipment to their land/property, including tenanted properties.
  • Location of any council-owned ducts that nbn may be able to share.
  • Access to suitable council infrastructure or locations for the nbn™ Fixed Wireless program.
  • Awareness of previous phone or internet infrastructure rollout legacy issues or locations.

Councils may also be interested to work with nbn and its contractors or agents to enter agreements to rent facilities that could be used during the rollout such as; depots, warehouses, temporary site offices, shopfronts, information offices, etc. In this case, councils may provide some indication of properties that might be useful for the above purposes.

There may also be some synergies between the nbn™ rollout and other construction projects across the country. nbn is interested in identifying projects that present opportunities for joint deployment of pits and conduits with other construction projects through the Co-Development Program.