Industry Workforce
Development Program

A great network takes a great workforce 

At nbn, we work with a number of Delivery Partners to help build, operate and maintain the nbn™ broadband access network – one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects.

Our Delivery Partners need a skilled and capable workforce to help connect 8 million homes and businesses by 2020, and we estimate this team needs to nearly double over the next few years. The Industry Workforce Development Program was established in collaboration with our Delivery Partners to help grow and support a sustainable, and multi-technology skilled and capable team.


Join the team behind the nbn™ access network

Our Delivery Partners are looking to employ new team members with various backgrounds and experience in locations around Australia. Are you interested in working on the nbn™ access network? This is your chance to register an expression of interest. We will refer your details onto our Delivery Partners when they confirm opportunities are available that match your background and preferred work locations.


Training for nationally recognised qualifications

The Industry Workforce Development Program aims to provide workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demand and quality standards for the nbn™ acces network. Our training programs are directly linked to the skill gaps needed to help build, operate and maintain the nbn™ access network. Training completed through our program is nationally recognised and lead to units of competency or full qualifications.


nbn™ accreditation

Accreditation assists nbn in verifying that workers have the vital skills, training and qualifications to work on the nbn™ access network. It’s a necessary step for all potential recruits to ensure they perform their roles safely and without harm to themselves, their colleagues or the environment.

Have questions?

An Expression of Interest in the Industry Workforce Development Program is not a job application and nbn is not hiring through this program. nbn Delivery Partners and their subcontractors are seeking candidates through various recruitment channels including the Industry Workforce Development Program. When candidates who have registered an Expression of Interest are referred onto a hiring company, the hiring company will put candidates through their own internal recruitment process which may include job applications, resume requests, or requests for other materials. If you are also interested in applying for jobs with nbn, please go to our nbn careers page. Keep in mind, you can register for both internal and external jobs!

nbn have multiple Delivery Partners across different locations, all of which require workers with the right skillset to build and maintain the nbn™ access network. Whilst nbn has contracted the build, operation and maintenance of the network to our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors, we are also in a position to help our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors grow their capacity for a competent workforce. People who want to work for nbn itself should refer to the careers section on the nbn website.

enAble™ is an nbn online tool. enAble™ has been developed to:

- Capture and track training and accreditation information for all individuals working on the network

- Allow individuals to view nbn accreditation information and requirements

- Host nbn online training materials and knowledge tests

- Issue individuals with an enAble™ card

- Provide visibility of accreditation compliance across the external nbn workforce

All workers will be required to register on enAble™ in order to become nbn accredited.

Yes. Any person engaged in the construction, activation, operation or maintenance of the nbn™ access network is required to become nbn accredited. But first you must be employed through a Delivery Partner or subcontracting company to be able to work on the nbn™ access network.

Mandatory nbn online training including the revised health, safety and environment (HSE) awareness module, and Brand Awareness are free of charge.

Knowledge Test, as part of the Direct Assessment Pathway is completed through enAble™, free of charge.

Individuals who are employed by an nbn Delivery Partner or Subcontractor may be eligible for nbn funding for training or direct assessment to become accredited. As such EU's are encouraged to speak to their employer / DP Admin for further information about participation in the training courses or direct assessment.

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