Mr Bill Morrow

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Term of Office

Mr Morrow was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a Director of NBN Co effective 2 April 2014. Mr Morrow will step down as CEO effective 1 September 2018.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

Mr Morrow joined NBN Co with a remit to ensure all homes, businesses and communities across Australia can access fast broadband as soon as possible, at affordable prices and at least cost.

Mr Morrow is known for his global expertise in leading complex turnarounds and capital intensive start-ups. His industry experience spans fixed line broadband services, fixed wireless, mobile wireless, and gas and electric utilities.

Prior to his present role Mr Morrow served as CEO of Vodafone Hutchison Australia in Sydney, CEO of Clearwire Corporation in Seattle, CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric Co., CEO of Vodafone Europe, and CEO of Japan Telecom. He is a former Non-Executive Board member of Broadcom and Openwave.

Mr Morrow has an Associate of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Condie College and a BA in Business Administration from the National University in San Diego, California.  

Board Committee Memberships

Mr Morrow attends Nominations Committee and People and Remuneration Committee meetings ex officio.