HSC & VCE Exams during COVID-19

How nbn is looking to support HSC and VCE students during their trials and examinations.

nbn understands HSC and VCE trials and exams are a very important time for students and their families across the country.

As Victoria and New South Wales look set to remain under lockdown restrictions, some students could potentially be required to complete their trials and exams from home while certain restrictions remain in place.

To support schools, students and their families during this time, nbn is implementing measures to minimise the potential impact of disruptions to services while these examinations take place.

To ensure you are fully prepared, we also have some steps below which you can follow to best prepare your home setup ahead of your exams, as well as a link to our network outages page.


What is nbn doing?

In Victoria and New South Wales, nbn has introduced a pause on all planned maintenance between 6AM and 11.59PM Monday to Friday.

  • For NSW, this has covered the HSC Trial period, and will cover the revised Exam Period Tuesday 9 November to Friday 3 December.
  • For Victoria, the period will cover Monday 4 October to Wednesday 17 November 2021.

This embargo means nbn will not schedule planned maintenance activities in those locked down states during this period to prevent disruptions to services.

Should additional states or territories enter lockdown during scheduled HSC exams, the embargo will be extended to that state or territory.

There may be instances when critical planned maintenance works are required to repair unplanned outages, however nbn will do everything it can to limit potential disruptions if these works are required.

nbn will also work with phone and internet service providers, and power providers to share information and minimise disruptions.

How to check the status of the nbn™ network at your connected address

While nbn has paused planned maintenance during this period, there may still be incidents like power outages, which can disrupt your nbn™ service and are outside of nbn's control.

With this in mind, it is still important to check our network outages page in the lead up to your exams to be aware of any incidents which could be impacting the nbn™ network.

We recommend following this process:

Contingency planning

While nbn is doing everything it can to minimise the risk of disruption during this period, incidents can occur unexpectedly which can impact your service.

If you visit the network outages page and find your service may be impacted by an unplanned outage, power outage or critical maintenance at this time, we recommend contacting your school to discuss possible alternatives.

We also recommend all students have a contingency plan in place based on the following tips:

  1. Stay Mobile: Have a charged mobile phone ready to use in the event your connection to services over the nbn™ network is disrupted.
  2. Bookmark: Make sure you bookmark our network outages page in the browser on your phone so you can check the status in the event of an unforeseen outage.
  3. When to contact your phone and internet provider: If you have checked our network outages page and confirmed there is no outage at your home, but you are still experiencing internet issues, please contact your provider directly.

nbn would like to wish students in all states the best of luck with their upcoming end of year examinations.