New Connections - July 2013

Disclaimer: The information on this page may no longer be current and is provided for educational and historical purposes. You should not rely solely on this information. 

The NBN utility and connection boxes

We have received feedback from different sources across NBN Co that the technical names for the NBN equipment can be quite confusing. To make it easier to remember and understand the names of the NBN equipment being installed into premises, we have launched simpler and more informal terms that will be used in our end user communications going forward.

The Network Termination Device (NTD) will now informally be called the ‘NBN connection box’ and the Premises Connection Device (PCD), installed on an outside wall of a building, will now informally be referred to as the ‘NBN utility box’.

Formal/Technical Name

New Informal Name

PCD - Premises Connection Device

NBN utility box

NTD - Network Termination Device

NBN connection box

From now on, the first mention in a NBN Co document of the Network Termination Device or Premises Connection Device will have the formal name spelt out alongside the informal wording or alternatively the formal name will be footnoted.  The NTD should also have the acronym in brackets as ‘NTD’ is stamped on the device.  

Product Scorecards: measuring the end user experience

NBN Co will shortly commence the next round of surveys with connected end users. The outcome of these surveys will be Product Scorecards, which will provide a detailed look into the connected user experience, across three major stages of the product lifecycle for the NBN: 

  • Installation & Activation
  • Product Experience; and
  • Assurance/Customer Support

We will also be tracking four overarching metrics: Overall Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Value for Money and Recommendations.

These surveys will be administered in close collaboration with you, our service providers, and we will ultimately be working together to look at the findings, and continual improvements over time.

The NBN Co product team ran a pilot program earlier this year with a small set of users and will use the output of this activity to shape the quarterly program.

Contact your account manager for further information on this program, and other customer focused activities underway within NBN Co.

NBN Co joins the ng Connect program

NBN Co has become the first Australian company to join ng Connect, a global program initiated by Alcatel-Lucent to accelerate innovation in service and business ideas. We will work with Alcatel-Lucent to identify collaborative innovation opportunities and draw the brightest local innovators to build a local ng Connect development ecosystem.

Service concepts already developed in the ng Connect ecosystem span digital retail, health and wellness, entertainment, connected learning, transportation, utilities and public safety. In Australia, we will develop focuses in health/aged-care, small/medium business services, education and agricultural/smart farming technology.

Sean Casey, NBN Co Broadband Applications Advisor, said ng Connect complements NBN Co’s work rolling out the NBN. “We’re excited by the opportunity to work with Alcatel-Lucent, through ng Connect, to create a vibrant and fast-moving collaborative ecosystem in Australia. We’ll work directly with local developers and innovators, connect them to global peers and drive forward new high-speed broadband service concepts and business models.”

ng Connect is now seeking Australia’s brightest service providers, technology companies and innovators to engage in the ng Connect program.  The Australian ng Connect Innovation Workshop kickoff is in planning for the second half of 2013.

To get involved and for more information, visit the ngConnect website

Switch over Commencement

NBN Co is now providing information to you, our service providers, on the upcoming FSAMs that are forecast to commence switching over to fibre optic broadband. The switch over will occur over an 18-month period after a rollout region is declared Ready for Service (RFS). New sites are announced on a monthly basis.

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Industry News

In this month’s Industry News we showcase the CSIRO and UNE Smart Farm in Armidale that looks at the positive impact of the NBN on the rural sector.

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