How the NBN fibre to the premises is likely to be installed inside your place

For fibre-to-the-premises installations, connecting the NBN to your place involves drilling a small hole through your wall to connect the NBN fibre optic cable from the outside the NBN utility box to the internal NBN equipment that will be installed on a wall inside your home or business.

The internal NBN fibre equipment includes an NBN connection box and Power Supply Unit with Battery Backup.

NBN fibre equipment

An image of the NBN Utility Box, Power supply unit, NBN Connection Box and the Fibre wall outlet.

The internal NBN equipment should be installed:

  • Near a safe power outlet 
  • In a cool, dry, ventilated area
  • Away from busy areas where it may be knocked and damaged
  • Where it will be easy for you to check the indicator lights
  • Near your existing phone or network cabling.

The NBN installer will work with you on the best location for the NBN equipment. Currently at least one installation option will be available at no charge for your premises. Read more about what's included in a standard installation.

Remember to also speak to your service provider to see if there are any other charges such as set up or activation fees.

NBN connection box

The NBN connection box is where you can plug in your phone, cordless phone base station or Wi-Fi / Ethernet router to access phone and internet services you've ordered over the NBN.

Power Supply Unit with Battery Backup

The Power Supply Unit with Battery Backup provides electricity to the NBN connection box. It also includes the battery backup that will keep selected phone services* running for up to five hours in the event of a power failure. Remember, you shouldn't turn the power supply unit off unless you need to replace the battery, are going away for an extended period of time or are otherwise directed to do so by your service provider.

*The backup battery only provides power for a phone service provided through a voice (UNI-V) port on the NBN Connection Box. Phone and other services connected to the data (UNI-D) ports, and mains powered telephones, alarms and other devices such as cordless phones connected to any port will not work during a power failure. For more information please refer to the NBN fibre user guide.