Using alarms, fax, EFTPOS and emergency phones over the NBN

Many types of devices that are normally connected to phone lines (such as alarms, EFTPOS machines, fax machines and more) can work over the NBN. However you will need to order the right type of phone service over the NBN to make sure they continue to work correctly. 

It's important you get advice from the device provider first before ordering your phone service over the NBN.

Three easy steps to move your device to the NBN

1. Call your device provider (e.g. alarm/security company or EFTPOS provider)

  • Ask which phone companies and types of phone services will work with your device over the NBN.
  • Ask are there any wiring changes required in your home or business to get your device to work over the NBN (e.g. will existing phone sockets need to be reconnected to your new phone service over the NBN?) and if any charges will apply.
  • Ask what you need to do to test the device once NBN equipment is installed and working, and the device is connected over the NBN (e.g. what button should you press on the device to test it and what should the result be if it is working?).

2. Call your preferred phone company or internet service provider

  • Let them know that you have the device (e.g. a monitored alarm or EFTPOS machine).
  • Tell them your device requirements (e.g. the type of phone service over the NBN recommended to you by the manufacturer of the device).
  • Arrange to have any required wiring changes done to connect your device to the NBN. (The phone company may be able to send a technician or recommend one to you.)

3. After the NBN is installed and working, test each device to confirm that it is working.

  • If it is not working, please contact the provider of the device and your preferred service provider immediately. 

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Device suppliers who wish to be included in this directory can apply to be listed, or change or delete an existing listing.  Inclusion on this page is at NBN Co's sole discretion and does not constitute an endorsement by NBN Co.

Please note: Providers of devices (like alarms and EFTPOS machines ) design how these devices will work with different phone and internet services. These companies are independent of NBN Co, so NBN Co cannot confirm the accuracy of any claims they make about how their devices work with phone and internet services over the NBN.