Connecting your home or business to the NBN

Fibre connections

Connecting your home or business to the NBN is a two-step process:

Step 1: Connecting the NBN to your home or business
A cable will be connected from your street to a NBN Utility Box installed on an outside wall of your home or business.

Step 2: Ordering services over the NBN
We'll contact you when the NBN rollout has been completed in your area. You can then call your preferred telephone or internet service provider to order services over the NBN. Your service provider will arrange for the NBN to be installed inside your home or business.

Apartment buildings, complexes of units/townhouses and offices
If you are the building owner or authorised representative for an apartment complex or group of townhouses/villas that are within the three year rollout plan, you can register your details with us so we can contact you when we're ready to connect your building to the NBN.

Fixed wireless or Satellite Service connections

Find out more information if your home or business is to be connected by