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NBN Co has recently reviewed its rollout information to align with the policy of the new government. This is an ongoing process and further information will be provided when available.

* Services not replaced by the NBN include some TransACT, OptiComm, some Telstra Velocity services and others. For a full list please visit or call us on 1800 687 626. Optus cable internet may be switched off on a different date and existing customers will be advised separately.


Service available means the premises is passed by the active network and services may be ordered and purchased from a telephone or internet service provider.

Build commenced means that NBN Co has issued contract instructions to construction partners so they can commence work in this area. The build commenced boundaries are subject to change as a result of boundary changes which may be made during the construction process. 

Not currently available: Building the NBN hasn't commenced in your area as yet. The NBN is designed to provide Australians with access to affordable high-speed internet and telephone services, regardless of where they live.

Service unavailable: The NBN is available in your area however additional works are necessary to allow a service to be connected. Please call the NBN Co Contact Centre on 1800 OUR NBN (1800 687 626) to find out when service may be available.

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