nbn™ Satellite Support Scheme

nbn™ Satellite Support Scheme (NSS) is designed to help increase availability of internet access for Australians in rural and remote locations who cannot access a commercial broadband internet service1. The satellite service is delivered by IP Star and participating Retail Service Providers (RSPs).

If you cannot access commercial broadband internet services and have never had satellite access via nbn's Interim Satellite or an ABG service, then you may be eligible for the NSS. With performance levels on speed and ongoing support and maintenance, the NSS provides subsidised access to broadband internet for those who need it most.

nbn is funding up to 9000 satellite activations however we suggest you follow the steps below to check your eligibility and the availability in your area.

Step 1  
Check your address with the Broadband Service Locator (BSL)

Step 2 
If you are eligible, contact nbn and we will provide you with a registration number.

Step 3
You will then be sent an information pack including your registration number and a declaration form.

Step 4
Complete the application and declaration form and send these plus the registration number to your participating internet service provider of choice and choose a plan that suits your needs.


Broadband Service Locator

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Interim Satellite Service

nbn has recently added a small amount of capacity to the ISS as part of the network optimisation program. As a result, there is limited ability to provision new services under revised ISS eligibility criteria (PDF).

These services will be available, in very limited numbers, to end users who (among other things) were eligible for, but were unable to access, the nbn™ Satellite Support Scheme.

End users seeking an Interim Satellite Service who meet the revised eligibility criteria should apply via the BSL registration process.

Revised ISS eligibility criteria follow.

Long Term Satellite Service

As part of the nbn™ Long Term Satellite Service, nbn will launch two next-generation Ka-band satellites to provide access to the nbn outside the fibre and fixed wireless footprints. The satellites, which are planned to launch in 2015, are designed to provide high speed broadband coverage to around three percent of homes and businesses including outback areas and Australia’s external territories such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Macquarie Island and the Cocos Islands.

After their launch, nbn will be able to offer wholesale services configured for a planned 25 megabits per second (Mbps) download and 5Mbps upload service2, to RSPs serving homes and businesses outside the nbn™ fibre and fixed wireless footprints. 

[1] Commercial broadband services include:

  • an nbn™ fixed wireless or fixed line service;
  • traditional broadband services such as ADSL or ADSL 2+;
  • mobile wireless service in “hand held areas”; or with the addition of an external antenna; and
  • listed commercial fixed wireless services.

A ’commercial broadband service’ is a service that can offer peak data speeds of at least 512/128 kbps and 3GB per month usage allowance (with no restrictions within these limits on downloads or uploads or usage time) and at a cost to the end user of no more than $2,500 (incl. GST) of monthly ongoing charges over three years, excluding equipment and connection costs.

[2] Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn depends on some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network.  

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