Our values

At NBN Co our values act as a reference point for everything we do. We personally and professionally demonstrate the following values in our actions, behaviours and decisions. This includes dealing with our customers, each other, the community, our suppliers and our owners.

The following definitions have been agreed for each of the five values:

We Are Safe, Disciplined And Reliable:

  • We act on our responsibilities to identify and remove risks to a healthy and safe workplace
  • We are logical, plan and focus with discipline on our purpose and goals - we are realistic and pragmatic
  • We give the big issues priority, are reliable and deliver what we say / commit
  • We are cost conscious and effective with each other and externally with customers

Customers, Suppliers, Government and the community recognise that we are diligent about safety, have high quality cost effective designs and plans - and that what we are building is robust and will be delivered.

We Engender Trust And Integrity:

  • We are up-front, honest and transparent - internally and externally - and act in NBN Co's best interest
  • We involve and treat others with respect
  • We are responsive and do what we say we will

In return we believe others will act accordingly.

We Are Authentic:
  • We are honest about issues and ourselves - we speak up, give and receive feedback and don't misuse any position of power
  • We have constructive confrontation - we work the issue, not the person
  • We take ownership and accountability, are highly energetic and keen to contribute
  • We acknowledge our role as implementing government policy
Customers get straight answers including "I don't know - I'll get back to you by ...", and we do.
We Are Collaborative - One Team Focused On Outcomes:
  • We work in cross functional teams for balanced, practical outcomes that succeed - there are no silos here
  • We harness the diversity within and between teams and play to each other's strengths
  • We help each other, reach out and do what's needed
We Are Flexible:

  • We readily respond to the needs of the organisation wherever and whenever needed or requested - we find creative ways to get things done
  • We are nimble, quickly changing as / when the environment changes
  • We have simple and efficient ways of doing things - no unnecessarily inflexible processes
  • We learn from our own and others actions, and we are committed to continuous improvement
We take initiative, push the edges of roles but don't take on what we don't understand.

NBN Co is committed to workplace diversity. We are also committed to striving to ensure that our workplace is free of discrimination and harassment.

We take positive actions to ensure equal opportunity in the conduct of business activities. We are on the ongoing journey of creating a diverse and inclusive environment and taking continuous action to support this.

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